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Friday, July 14th 2006

2:56 PM

. . . ‘Artifacts In Essence’ - as a Tribute to Cornell


'Untitled' by Gene Smith - Copyright July 2006

Met the Artist - Gene Smith in North Carolina about one year ago and have been observing his creative inspirations develop into quite the collection of artifacts, being of that essence - a Tribute to Joseph Cornell. Gene’s work is ‘slightly’ intellectual, per se - whereas one has to understand Art History. The works definitively speak for themselves. It is in their beauty and chance meeting - the elements that compose each work and create a dialogue within each creation - that Gene has definitely placed himself into the annuals of Art History.

As far as being ‘a reminder of’ those boxes that Cornell created, this is another reminder that one can - in essence - extend the boundaries of time along with [it’s] factors and thus becoming a separate voice within that same boundary. Each particular work speaks a voice of it’s own - and yet in the collections entirety - is simply one entity, in itself - another voice for reason.

Artist - Gene Smith in Studio - Photographed by richard w lubrich jr Copyright 2006

Chance meeting with this particular artist, has provided me with an impetus of creation and thus enables, as well as convinces me - that art is a worthwhile endeavor for the justification of living.

Gene Smith shall be exhibiting these series of works in the near future and if, by chance - I am able to complete a series of constructs (that I’ve been developing over the past 20 years) then it is entirely possible that I shall arrange and produce an Exhibition of said works and in collaboration with Gene Smith. It would be my sheer pleasure to be in such illustrious company . . . further down the line - I shall keep you informed . . .

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