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Sunday, May 16th 2004

11:18 AM

"It All Came True . . ." about filmmaking

"It All Came True . . ." 

a Film by richard w lubrich jr . . .

Wim Wenders and Michael Corbett  in Los Angeles, CA. Photograph © 2001 Richard Lubrich

. . . in the approximate quarter century of working on 'An Artist's Document'
which regards the works of Artists i have met - it has become rather quite the
feat to 'Portrait' these remarkable individuals.

. . . a few years ago - upon finishing a two week play - "THEY" by the Polish
Playwright Stanislaw Witkiewicz - and hearing the applause and the words -
from the Polish Director's present . . . "you Sir, are the Peter O'toole of the
. . ." [ as i sat in the lounge chair - cigarette in hand - relaxed and
composed - content with the 'success' of the part i played - being that of the
'Secret Defacto Police' - attempting to undermine the arts & theatre of the
times (1920's) - as Solomon Pillary - a part played by Witkiewicz himself -
and the irony being - the same part played by myself / Witkiewicz - being that
we were both artists playing that role of 'undermining the arts' - depicting the
Theatre of the Absurd - in itself . . . is ironic]

. . . these words of praise - were to become - in a sense - a 'closure' for me
in my relationship with acting. At that moment - it was to become the end of
a beginning.

As a part of the equation - my artwork and the art of 'scripting' the biography
of my life leads to a most interesting analogy - regarding those remarkable
individuals i have met and the interpersonal relationships with each . . .

It has now been one year of publishing with the 'Arts Journal' - and i hereby
would like to thank Michael Corbett and John Tocher - for an opportunity
that permits me to relate a 'history' - of the meetings with these remarkable

In closing - i hereby thank each of you personally - as audience - and the arts
shall prevail . . . In the end, as a creation of art - [ another work in progress ]
that being a film - regarding the 'story of my life as an artist' - shall become
finalized - as the underlying foundation of the film - and as its title reliably
predicts - "It All Came True . . ."

Note 1: 'It All Came True' - Original Script by Louis Bromfield (1940) and
Starred Humphrey Bogart & Anne Sheridan and is being re-adapted by a
Leonardo Studios Production - to be released in 2015 by richard lubrich [edited 09.2010]

(Actor in Film plus Director of Photography / Director / Writer & Producer)
The re-draft has been done with the assistance of Steve Ivanovics - also
acting in the film . . . (and many others . . .

Note 2: Wim Wenders [Director - 'Until the End of The World'] and Michael
Corbett (in Photograph above) @ the Release of Wenders (5 hour version) of
the film @ The Eygptian Theatre (Hollywood, CA) - was captured by me - and is quite the
co-incidence - since Michael had originally introduced me to the film.

> added Note: 07.02.2007 - i remember the Film took Five Hours - with a 15 Minute Break -

at which time - every one of had the same identical feeling - that we wanted to get back to

the show - and it was actually (the 5 Hours) was more like 2 Hours to us . . . Strange


. . . from Montreal QUEBEC, Canada

Stephen Lack -

"All The Vermeers In New York"

 and a follow up . . .

Stephen Lack - 'Lakehouse - Summer' - copyright 1998

*Photo Courtesy of Stephen Lack* 
        Stephen's Link above

. . . back at the end of the '60's [while at McGill University] - i was introduced to the artist, Stephen Lack. This individual was - upon my meeting him - rather *obviously* - an extremely gifted person. I could tell from the look in his eyes - his perceptions and ability's were 'written' on his face and in those eyes.

As the years have gone by - there have been numerous occasions where Stephen and i have seen each other. His flair and expertise with the brush is a quality that i admire in him . . . but this is not all with this multi-talented individual. Stephen has also won many a heart with his *standout* acting - which is proof of his wide breadth of intelligence. With my leaving Montreal in 1976 - as i flew out - over one of the most beautiful cities you could ever be in - the studios were finalizing the film "Scanners" - which Stephen stars in.[ And so do a great many other friends - too numerous to mention here. ]

Over the years - Stephen's Artistic and Creative displays [ within the film industry ] have included :

"All The Vermeers In New York", "Dead Ringers", "Fatal Attraction" & "Perfect Strangers" . . . this artist has become an 'Icon in The Art of Acting' - it sure feels good that this friend is presenting his art and talent to the world - and getting such reception and recognition - that which he is respectfully due.

Article from Ottawa, Canada - in reference to an Exhibition of mine - above

. . . again, from Los Angeles, California

12/18/2002: "An Open Invitation To An Exhibition . . ."

William Robert Brun- The Artists' Statement :

“I am the Artist William Robert Brun, Age Sixty Nine - Born March 25th, 1936.
Now claim to be one of the most famous 'unknown' artists of the approaching
Millenium. Let us celebrate our good fortune as time marches on. All is possible
forward and upward. As we reach for the moon, planets and stars, the many
galaxies . . .

My land / canvases, my borders limited by the size of the stretcher bars. A body
of work that gathers about one by one. Spreading slowly about like a blossom.
An aesthetic vine, good as fine wine for the eyes and a meal for the mind. Slowly
over the years, Dated - beginning in 1960 and counting to 2002.

I am a simple Artist, single-minded, committed to my task of making Works of
Art. Drawing from my family, friends, acquaintances. Just add charcoal to canvas,
apply water, brushes with acrylic paints, proceeding in a manner of time and
thoughts, bringing words a voice - a single voice - clear to a point where the eye
and the mind live.

The hands will conduct the music of the self. A distinct sound in the art. For this
is why I say I am the Artist. Not unlike so many others all of us bemused by the
muse. We have gifts to offer.

This world is gilded and bejeweled by our talent. For us the stage, galleries,
museums, homes and palaces display our works of art. Let the world know what
we have done as well as what we put these hands and minds, the arts work a
magic out of silver and gold. Truly a Living Peace, a Lasting Tribute to Life's
Humanities. I Toast the World's of the Arts. I Thank All Artists'. . .

Thank You for Your Time and Consideration of this Invitation to this Exhibition
of my works of art . . .”

Williams Art Exhibition . . . [ Through December ]
@ Cafe Latte - 6254 Wilshire Blvd. - 323 . 936 . 5213

also :

@ Printing & More - 5657 Wilshire Blvd. Suite # 140 - 323 . 935 . 8080
@ Nine Deep - 400 Block Fairfax Avenue (East Side of Avenue) - 323 . 655 . 9949
@ Le Chateau Wine & Spirits - 6252 Wilshire Blvd.

>> you may also see more of
William's Artworks Here . . .

Chermine Momeni :

The Persian Photographer


Digital Photograph of Chermine by richard lubrich c 2001

A number of years ago i met this woman - she seemed to be quite an artistic / creative individual. Well, after having been present at those 'moment's of creative energys' - i have to admit that i am very impressed with her unique way of viewing reality. The moments - when i was there - showed me that her degree of understanding - in terms of her way of 'seeing' - gave me a new perspective on this artist.

Born in Tehran, Iran at the time of the Revolution - Chermine had to deal with 'realities' most have never had to endure. Moving later to Istanbul, Turkey and having the beauty of those surroundings - enabled her, before finally coming to America, to have been instilled with visions of the past and coming to terms with an uncertain future. She has lent much of her expertise and very fine 'common-sense' values to the industry and is presently working in the field of Insurance Brokerage.

I believe that words will not suffice - her photographic 'eye' speaks far better than words will ever do . . . see Chermine Momeni's Artwork in the Art Portfolios.



". . . a View from the Studio"

Copyrighted by Saronic Net - Photograph of Michael & Leonard @ Exhibition above . . .

Michael Lawrence has now been living & working on his Artworks for 12 Years
in Hydra, Greece . . . with his Professionalism - being a perfect example - of that
which i believe all Artist's should display. There is no doubt - in my mind - that
he is marked for the Annuals of History that shall remember this Artist for his
Prolificy and his use of Colour . . .

In the Past - i presented Michael in . . . ‘A View from the Garden‘- where he was
working in Southern California. You can View Michael's Artwork in Greece @
the Hydra Artist Gallery . . .

I am genuinely proud to know this artist - it is not a shameless 'plug' - but with
a great honour and pride . . . that i present to you . . . Michael Lawrence in what
i shall term . . . ‘A View from the Studio‘ . . . more on this later

So - in closing - Michael and to All . . . A Happy New Year . . .

Leonardo Cohen recently had a Concert on Hydra in June of 2002 . . .
You can Visit The Leonardo Cohen Files here . . .

© 2003 ‘A View from the Garden’ + ‘A View from the Studio’ - from a work in progress by a Leonardo Studios Production

Marc Lawrence (Actor) & Richard W Lubrich Jr on the Set of a Leonardo Studios Woodworking Shows - Above


"It's a Common-Sense Issue" . . .

'Buddha in a CarSeat'

. . . As such, Los Angeles has proven to be a place of never-ending adventures . . .take the photograph above - "Buddha in the CarSeat" - it shows that there are things 'stranger than fiction'. I originally took this photo when Rolo - another artist friend decided to purchase the piece from a sale of Don Jones' Estate [ Don had recently passed on ]. Attempting to figure a way to transport the Buddha - Rollo finally decided to place it in the passenger seat - and put the seatbelt on - so as to secure the artpiece . . . " Wonder if you could drive the carpool lane with Buddha as a passenger ?"

My latest entries to the Arts Journal have given me an opportunity to show you a little history of my life in the arts. The most recent post deals with friends and places that have passed on . . . and as a reminder - all the artists out there should check out
The Art Project as well as The Virtual Memorial Sites - and submit their reactions / art to the sites. The world has changed and the artists have got quite the feat ahead of them - creating works that have 'relevancy' in times that remain volatile still . . .

The portrayal of the artist - which has had many varied interpretations throughout history - should now provide historians with a different path of justification - in their 'Portraits' of the artist at a time in history when interpretation has taken on a whole new dimension.

Years ago, in an exhibition entitled : "Too Here and The Easel" - i composed a statement / dialogue that i will re-interpret at this time . . . "the individual principle and personal attitude to the creation of art should involve a solemn conviction and an artistic boldness."

This Arts Journal
shall create a means of dialogue and communication with other artist's as well as those from all walks of life - in other disciplines . . . surf around this site - visit the artist's sites and come back often to view the updates and let's proceed to create a discourse for the history books - with our novel interpretations and combinations . . .


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