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Sunday, April 5th 2009

11:34 AM

. . . 'It All Came True' re-visited

Steve Ivanovics [Copyrighted by Paul Posados] assisted in the Developement / Re-Scripting of my film: 'It All Came True' which is @ present still in Re-Script / Re-Direct

 [Steve shall be one of the Characters in the Film as well]

. . . the elements that are the underlying foundation of the Story - are multi-faceted and inter-woven into two separate time-lines - and the time-lines are both woven together even though they both are in the opposite directions of one another - they run parallel to one another [the end is the beginning and visa-versa] . . .


the story begins with the actual ending [a violent bloodbath - the death of an Officer] - and directly afterwards - the Story begins to unfold with inter-woven time-lines that portrait the characters that are involved with an 'attempt' @ creating a club environment within a boarding house environment


~ 'Christina - the dancer' ~  [one of the Artworks in Exhibition that takes place  in the film]

time-lines involving the past & of future events are inter-woven with precision and overlap the story - allowing for the viewer to understand the personalities that make up the cast . . .

. . . "It All Came True . . ." about filmmaking [more info regarding the Film]

more to follow . . .


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