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Wednesday, February 3rd 2010

3:34 PM

. . . Gene Smith - Atherton Mill ARTSHOW - October 02 2009


Recent Artworks shown @ Atherton Mills Exhibition by Gene Smith . . .


Title: Does the Nightingale Sing at Midnight or Is He Quiet?

< Medium: Polychrome with Mixed Media

[Special Processes] Polychrome (paint) was used on the lettering and 'Nightingale', along with the

 application of intense heat that invites texture and crackling to accent the subtle background.

The use of wax is introduced in random areas to give a burnished appearance.

These various surface techniques reflect a variety of possibilities within the Mind of the Viewer.

Artist Statement regarding his artworks:

     My assemblages, constructions and mixed media [combines] involve rational

and irrational process, intuition, and interplay of connections conscientiously

and sub - conscientiously planned. The pictorial elements of romanticism, mystery

and rebus are intended to ignite a flame of curiosity within the viewer. It is

my intent to astonish or disturb the imagination of the audience and place them

on a magical voyage that sails into the dream world of the enigmatical. By using

the most common materials, discards, and sometimes unrecognizable objects, I

hopefully will stir the imagination and as in the words of Dubuffet: 'will re-

habilitate the spectator's language of vision and perhaps, just for a moment,



"Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies imagination, the only

thing that protects our freedom, despite the fact that people keep trying to

reduce it or kill it off all together."

                                         - Luis Buñuel

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