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Monday, February 27th 2012

2:30 PM

. . . sEMG use & graphix for said neurophysiological symptoms

i am enabling my Thought Technology MyoTrac w/ Clinical STIM Unit for sEMG use & graphix for said neuro-

physiological symptoms - to work with a Medical clinic in Charlotte and give said clinical use - diagnostics - assessment

results to health boards & US Government departments. Based upon results - stemming from recent FONAR MRI's

and other X-Ray radiological Reports - diagnostics combined, shall produce results that shall enable me to 'arrest' [or

stop] said disintegrative properties within my Cervical & Lumbar region of my spine - that which initially was a result of

a front-end collision in 1999 and another rear-end collision in 2001 . . . [more to follow]


- a reference to the above graphix: each square shall be imaged out as an art-piece and then relief-structurally

constructed as a large mural like artpiece - and trigger points and other clinical notes shall be applied across the entire

structure [more to follow] . . . a note: it has been an extremely 'long road' - attempting that which i am doing and

shall be doing medically for myself - which in turn - shall benefit others in the end . . .

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